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Community members comment on North Korean relations

(Source: CNN) (Source: CNN)

Pastor David Lee along with many of the 1.8 million Korean Americans in this country are watching developments very closely overseas in the Korean peninsula. 

That's because of fears about the potential actions of North Korea's unpredictable dictator Kim Jong-un - and the death and destruction he could unleash before being destroyed in a military conflict with the U.S.

Lee shared his biggest fear: "Another war in that region and maybe involve with other nations around and it's going to be a disaster."

Lee is the senior pastor at Bansuk Korean Baptist Church in north Bossier City, a place where many members of the congregation still have relatives in South Korea. 

Pastor Lee supports the idea of decapitation, where a military strike kills the leader of the opposing nation to potentially avoid a full-scale war.

"He is a very evil and dangerous dictator," Lee said.

Pastor Lee and his congregation are far from being alone in their worries locally about what's unfolding right now in the Korean peninsula. 

Brigadier General Peyton Cole is watching the situation as well. He's the former commander of the 2nd Bomb Wing, the fleet of B-52's stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base.

"I think we've got a lot of options, none of which are off the table," said General Cole.

But the general sounded a cautionary tone about the big picture when it comes to our actions with North Korea.

"I remember the day that we started off our little excursion into the Mideast, standing on the steps of the Pentagon. And one of the guys I was talking to said, 'I hope we learned a lesson from Vietnam.' And I said, what's that?' And he said, these things are a lot more easy to get into than they are to get out of," recalled Cole.

That being said, Gen. Cole tells us if North Korea goes forward with its latest nuclear test, he would not be surprised to see President Trump respond militarily. 

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