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Crews, Gatti in runoff for Bossier Parish Dist. 8 house seat

Raymond Crews and Robert Gatti will face each other in an April 29 runoff to determine who will represent Bossier Parish's District 8 in the state House of Representatives.

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In complete but unofficial results, Crews led all candidates with 41%, with Gatti running second with 37%.

The other candidates, Michael Lowrie and Patrick Harrington finished with 16% and 6%.

"I look forward to going against my opponent in this next run, and I'm going to work harder than I did in the first one," Gatti said. "Two-hundred twenty miles, 3,500 doors I knocked on, so it's going to be a great next 30 days.

"I have 20 solid years of business experience, and I ran a physical therapy clinic for 20 years, and there's no question about that, and I survived and thrived and was able to sell that practice," Gatti continue. "I think also my ministry experience separates me from them. I've been all over the world, I'm an ordained Southern Baptist minister, so I've spent a lot of time leading those kind of mission trips and doing that stuff, so that really sets me apart. And then my military experience, being a National Guard officer I've responded to disasters in this state. I've been in it since 1988. I think that separates me. Also, my kids are in the public school system. My boys are a product, I'm a product of the public school system and I have the support of the public school teachers and small business. I think that's really going to separate me a lot in this runoff.

"We ran the campaign expecting a runoff. When there's four opponents, you expect a runoff. I was always the small business candidate," Gatti said. "We had a lot of big business in this race, I mean a lot of big business support."

While at Crews' watch party, the candidate noted what his plans would be should he win the seat.

"Number one priority we'll continue like Mike Johnson did, first of all with life. Life is the most important thing and from that you can go to liberty and Louisiana like I've spoken about before," Crews said.

"I believe in smaller government and I think that demands more of us as individuals, but I think smaller government is the key to realize our full potential.

"You're going to have to look at both of our views on stuff, and look at the history, see who's supporting us, and I think right there you're going to be told what you need to be told for the next election."

The men, both Republicans, are running for the seat vacated by then Rep. Mike Johnson, who is now the state's 4th Congressional District Representative. On election night, Rep. Johnson was at the watch party held by Crews.

Also tonight, Scott Irwin will continue to represent Bossier City as its District 1 Council Member. His seat was the only one contested in the city's races.

Mayor Lo Walker and the other six city council representatives did not have any opposition.

In Sabine Parish, Ken Freeman will continue to serve as mayor for the town of Many.

You can click on the link above for a look at all the races across northwest Louisiana.

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