Spring has sprung: Shreveport first day of spring almanac

Spring has sprung: Shreveport first day of spring almanac

(KSLA) - March 20th marks the first official day of the Spring Equinox. This is the first of two points in the year, when daytime and nighttime hours are nearly equal - the second happening at the start of Autumn. Based on the earth's tilt, both hemispheres are receiving almost the same amount of the sun's rays. However, from this point forward, the Northern Hemisphere will receive more hours of sunlight, as we inch closer to the start of summer, and the Southern Hemisphere will receive less.

From a meteorological standpoint, the start of Spring technically began March 1. Why? It allows Meteorologists to easily define seasonal statistics and monthly averages, since seasons do not always begin on the same day.

With that being said, most celebrate the official start of Spring, today. So let's check out Springtime averages and past records:

During this time of year, temperatures usually top out in the lower 70s with overnight lows falling into the upper 40s.

The warmest First Day of Spring was set back in 1982 with a high of 87 degrees, while the coldest temperature would have stalled any blooms, with overnight lows bottoming out at 22 degrees in 1965. The wettest start of spring came in recent years. Back in 2012, Shreveport received 4.06" of rainfall. And believe it or not, there was actually trace amounts of snowfall back in 2010.

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