How Can I Balance My Hormones?

A key to hormone balance is the knowledge that hormones work in tandem with a healthy mind and body.

-      First determine symptoms

-      Test your hormones to identify specific imbalances

-      If you need supplements, work with a doctor who follows

the 3 Rules of Thumb for Achieving Hormone Balance

(by John R. Lee, M.D.):

1.  Give hormones only to those people who need them

2.  Use only bio-identical (natural, human) hormones vs.

synthetic hormones

3. Use dosages that create normal, physiologic levels

-      Avoid chemicals that mimic estrogens: synthetic hrt,

pesticides, pollutants

-      Counteract stress with regular exercise

-      Stop smoking asap

-      If you need to lose weight eat less, workout more.

-      Choose organic, hormone-free foods and products

-      Get enough sleep

-      Learn what your body needs to feel good

-      Look for reasons to laugh out loud!


Excerpt taken from “Hormone Balance and Health,” courtesy ZRT Laboratory