Some tips for easy spring gardening

Some tips for easy spring gardening

(KSLA) - We are rapidly approaching Spring.

And if you're like me, you have all good intentions to grow a green thumb and work in the dirt and grow you own flowers and veggies.

Here is a little guide to help you along.

I'm giving you a few ideas from the plant side of my brain.

But a lot of the professional words come from Chuck White, of Akins Nursery in Shreveport.

You can now begin planting warm-season vegetables, such as tomatoes and bell peppers and other pepper plants.

Did you know that there are okra plants?

I'm never patient enough to fool with seeds, but did grow some peanuts once upon a time long ago. Small crop, but I was proud.

You might want to think about cucumbers, corn, snap beans, and squash.

Protect tender vegetables in the event of a late freeze.

How about planting warm-season bedding plants such as marigolds, zinnias, blue daze, salvia, purslane and others?

I've always enjoyed preparing a spot just for several varieties of zinnias and just scattering the seeds and waiting for the splash of color in all sizes.

As soon as flowering shrubs have lost their blooms, it is time to prune and shape up.

And it is a good time to buy flowering shrubs to plant or replace. Some of them are in full bloom and are good for a short show.

Azaleas and gardenias are my favorite.

Fertilize roses and other shrubs now. Purchase roses in containers and plant this month. Another favorite: Mrs. Lincoln variety of rose.

It will be getting warmer and your plantings will be "on the grow," so it is important to keep an eye to the sky.

That simply means if we don't get adequate rainfall, remember to keep your new gardens and beds properly watered.

Those plants will be more apt to thrive if they develop a healthy root system.

Don't forget about that lawn. Don't take it for granted.

In late March, give it some fertilizer or weed and feed. Check with a nursery, such as Akins Nursery in Shreveport, about the fertilizer for your type of grass or shrubs.

Before long, you'll need to think about lawn food.

Now I'm gonna have to take my own words and those from Akins' Chuck White to heart and start working on my own spring plantings.

Wish me luck!  And Happy Planting To You!!

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