Tensions up over manufactured house in historic neighborhood

Tensions up over manufactured house in historic neighborhood

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Some residents of a Shreveport neighborhood disagree about whether a manufactured house should be allowed on an empty lot.

Five years ago, fire damaged the house that sat on the property in the 2300 block of Thornhill Avenue. A few years later, the city demolished it, leaving a slab.

Over the weekend, a manufactured house appeared on the empty lot.

Now neighbors say it has everyone talking and some wondering whether it is permitted for the city's Highland neighborhood.

Mark Bley thinks the manufactured house looks out of place. "They just need to move it somewhere else. It really doesn't reflect the image or quality of this neighborhood."

Neighbor Jacob Evans says differently. "It doesn't look any worse than any of the other houses here."

It already looks better than an empty lot, he added. "As long as it is maintained, looks fine and they keep it up, who cares?"

Shreveport Councilman Jeff Everson said the homeowner did not get the legal OK from the city before the house was moved there. "If you were to move any home onto a new lot, you would have to apply for a number of permits."

As part of the permitting process, the city would ensure the house fits on the site and fulfills several requirements.

"Being that they didn't apply beforehand, that makes it more complicated," Everson said.

Highland Restoration Association President Tom Arceneaux thinks the house will only fit on the lot sideways.

He considers it a problem if the door does not face the front of the property. "I would really think that would be detrimental to the appeal of the neighborhood."

One neighbor, who didn't identify himself, thinks the issue with the house is not about permits or what it looks like

It has to do with something else, he said.

"This is a prejudiced little area, and they need to leave this woman [the homeowner] alone. They are messing with a black lady over here, it's a shame."

Efforts are being made to get the property owner's side of the story.

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