Haughton neighbor remembers murder suspect Densmore as "strange," drug user

Haughton neighbor remembers murder suspect Densmore as "strange," drug user
(Source: Boulder Police)
(Source: Boulder Police)

HAUGHTON, LA (KSLA) - Nearly a decade ago, Bruce Poyadou knew a strange kid that lived right next door. That kid, now a man, has been charged with first-degree murder.

"He was a strange kid, more or less kept to himself," said Bruce Poyadou.

Poyadou knew Adam Densmore nearly a decade ago when the Densmore family lived next door to him and his wife in the East Highland Mobile Home Park off Highway 80 in Haughton. Densmore, 32, faces a charge of first-degree murder for killing and dismembering Ashley Mead in Boulder, Colorado.

Mead once lived in Shreveport.

Poyadou said he invited Densmore over to his house a few times when he had a crawfish boil or a barbecue and would drive him to the store on occasion.

He also thought that Densmore was a heavy marijuana user.

"Distant, real distant," Poyadou added.

But outside of that, Poyadou says he had little interaction Densmore.

Investigators believe Densmore drove Mead's body to Haughton to his parent's home in the Country Place subdivision off Highway 80.  Authorities feel Densmore dismembered Mead's body while in the northwest Louisiana and may have disposed of her body parts while traveling to the Okmulgee, Oklahoma area.

That's where Mead's remains were found inside a suitcase in a dumpster.

After a knock on the door of the Densmore family home, a woman came to the door and said, "We don't have anything to say."

"If he's found guilty or whatever for this, that's kind of strange to believe. But taking into the fact he was strange," said Poyadou."That's very worrisome."

Poyadou also found it concerning that in this same mobile home park back in 2010, a young lady named Nancy Miller went missing with her body later found in nearby Red Chute Bayou.

Once living next door to a man accused of murder, and living just a few doors down from a woman found dead, weighs heavy on Poyadou's mind.

"In the same neighborhood as the woman that come up missing. That is very strange."

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