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Black History Moment: Dr. Lillian Gibson

(Source:  Dr. Lillian Gibson) (Source: Dr. Lillian Gibson)

Dr. Lillian Gibson is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana and a 1997 graduate of Caddo Parish Magnet High school.

She is a licensed clinical psychologist who is often referred to as a “mood make-over” expert. For the past eight years, she has guided clients away from feeling overwhelmed, hurt, frustrated, and sad into a life of peace and happiness. She developed this passion as a young girl after noticing the stigmatization surrounding mental health in her community. Her goal is to help patients solve their problems through individual, group, or couples therapy for emotional healing and restoration. Dr. Gibson has specialized training to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and mood disorders that often accompany chronic pain issues.

One of her passions is to enhance the love lives of couples desiring fulfilling marriages. She enjoys teaching soul mates creative ways to increase marital intimacy and divorce-proof their unions by being proactive instead of reactive. She has found that newlyweds experience less conflict when spousal roles are adequately identified. Couples working with her learn unique communication styles to overcome their struggles. Her book, Miss to Mrs., helps women transition from being single to happily married.

Dr. Gibson says she decided to pen the book for two reasons. She discovered many amazing and beautiful women are often misguided about what to expect in relationships. Her social media platforms and monthly newsletters encourage women to pay more attention to character traits as opposed to physical characteristics while growing with their partners. Dr. Gibson also says she also wanted to help women overcome any issues getting settled once married—particularly ladies who have been groomed to be independent and self-sufficient. The author empowers married women with techniques to develop their voices as wives, practice good self-care, and develop a oneness spirit with their spouses.

After helping several people shed unwanted weight, she was led to coach women on “clean eating secrets.” Her techniques were so easy they spread like wildfire. Gibson Life Organizational Services (GLOS), an on-line program, was eventually launched. Women across the country have lost over 500 pounds by using her food system known as the GLOS Formula. The program helps women develop nurturing relationships with food while improving their health.

She often provides motivational seminars in the community, at local churches, and for social organizations to help others “live to their maximum potential” by being emotionally healthy. 

Dr. Gibson has studied national and international factors that inspire personal change in places such as Johannesburg, South Africa, Senegal, West Africa, and at Johns Hopkins University.

Following her studies at Southern University at Shreveport she transferred to Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she received her bachelors and masters degrees, she relocated to Jackson, Mississippi. While there she obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Jackson State University.

In addition to her clinical duties as a staff psychologist at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, she serves as a consultant to other licensed clinicians and supervises psychology and medical residents on evidenced-based psychotherapy treatments.

She along with her family are active members of Westside Baptist Church. Dr. Gibson has served as a church ministry program manager for the Wellness and Health Organization (WHO) for the past two years. The WHO provides year-round seminars and health initiatives educating parishioners on how to be physically and spiritually fit to serve the Lord.

Dr. Gibson is a renaissance woman. At home, she is a loving wife to her husband, Clyde, of nearly a decade, and supermom to their son, Calix.

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