$600 weddings available at Taco Bell, starting Summer 2017

$600 weddings available at Taco Bell, starting Summer 2017

(RNN) -  Taco Bell has heard the wishes of couples who are deeply in love with each other and tacos.

Starting this summer, the fast-food chain will hold Taco Bell-themed weddings at its massive flagship Cantina, which is adding on a new wedding chapel.

It's located on the Las Vegas Strip because of course it is.

You can order the $600 wedding right off the menu. You'll get Taco Bell themed wedding essentials: a bow tie, a garter, a wedding bouquet made of sauce packets wedding and champagne flutes.

The price includes the full ceremony and somebody official to perform it so that it's legal.

Show up hungry, because they throw in a taco 12-pack and a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake.

When it's time to leave for your new life together don't forget to put on your "Just Married" T-Shirts.

Taco Bell won't start offering weddings until Summer 2017, but that gives you plenty of time to enter for the chance to be the first to get married in the new chapel by entering the Taco Bell's Love and Tacos Contest.

Your special day will be live-streamed on the day of the wedding.

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