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VIDEO: LSU men's basketball manager hits amazing trick shot from top of arena


One of the mangers for the LSU men's basketball team hit an amazing trick shot from the top of the basketball arena during some downtime on Friday.

Wade Langlois said that he and his fellow managers had actually just started trying the shot from the top of the Pete Maverick Center that day, as it is the place where they set up cameras and film there everyday for practice and games.

The team of managers came up with the bright to attempt the shot from the catwalk of the arena, as they recently created a twitter account for LSU managers and wanted to gain a nice following.

Combined with team work of relaying basketballs and advanced manager analytics, they figured out the strength and aim needed to land the shot.

Langlois said he knew he could knock the shot down. "It was just all about getting that perfect shot," Langlos said.

He says the team of managers are around the facilities and program all day, everyday for long hours working behind-the-scenes, so when they have some downtime they goof around like this, attempting trick shots throughout the arena.

Langlois said the team will continue to attempt trick shots for their growing following. You can follow their twitter account at

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