Amendment introduced to allow ride-sharing services in Shreveport

Amendment introduced to allow ride-sharing services in Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - There was no debate when an amendment was introduced during Tuesday's Shreveport City Council meeting that would allow ride-sharing services to operate in the city.

If passed, the proposal to amend the city's city transportation ordinance would open the door to "transportation network companies," which would include services provided by Uber, Lyft and Fare.

Those services work by allowing app users to connect with nearby drivers to catch a ride. Uber has been looking into setting up shop in Shreveport since 2015. However, the company and other ride-sharing companies can't operate without the City Council's approval.

Uber confirmed in April 2015 that the company was considering expanding into Shreveport and even tested the water by posting driver job ads.

The matter was discussed in a public safety committee meeting in November. During that gathering, Shreveport cab drivers expressed concerns about companies like Uber not having to follow the same regulations other transportation services like theirs do.

The next step for the amendment will be a public safety committee meeting the first week of February. That is when the public will have an opportunity to comment.

The soonest the City Council could take a final vote on the proposal would be Valentine's Day.

If approved, only then would Shreveport join other Louisiana cities that have allowed such companies in.

District E Councilman James Flurry and District G Councilman Jerry Bowman are sponsoring the proposal.

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