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06/10/08 - Tyler

Space Bags: Does It Work?

Several months ago we tested some special bags great for storing clothes. Just put the items inside, attach your vacuum, and all those sweaters and such take up half the space in your closets. This week we put the travel version of the Space Bag to the "Does It Work?" test.

The box claims you'll be able to pack twice as much in the same suitcase. Only with this product, you roll out the air. A good thing for travelers, because taking along a vacuum to shrink them back for the return trip, kind of negates any space saving you might get. Here's what we're shrinking: 6 pairs of paints, 2 polo shirts, 2 hooded sweatshirts and 6 T-shirts. When it's all packed in a medium sized suitcase, the suitcase is just about full.

We unload the suitcase and start loading clothes in the Space Bags. The bags are very similar to the ones we tested in the past. Sturdy and they feature a zip lock. But instead of a place to suck the air out with a vacuum, these have a nifty one way valve built in the bottom seam that lets air out, but not back in.

The travel kit comes with three large bags and three small ones. We start out with one of the big bags. We're able to fit three T-shirts, a polo and a pair of pants inside. We seal it up and start rolling the bag, from top to bottom. The rolling works until you get to the end. When we're done, the bag is flat.

We repeat the process and fill five of the six bags with the clothes mentioned above. When we loaded them into the same suitcase, we had roughly half the suitcase empty and available for more items. We threw in three extra pairs of jeans.

Notice, we used only five of the bags. There was one casualty. We ripped a hole in one of the small bags near the zip lock. We got a little aggressive with it when we were sealing it up. So, be careful. AS for the clothes.

Yeah, they were a little more wrinkled than they were when we started, but if you're desperate for space and don't mind ironing, this product packs a lot of value.

"Does It Work?" We give it a "yes." We paid $14.99 for the box of six Space Bags. They're available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linen's & Things.

Joe Terrell, Reporting


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