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Weather makes for an ideal start to crawfish season

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Crawfish season is off to a great start year thanks to some ideal weather conditions over the fall and thus far this winter.

Robert Shaver, of Shaver's Crawfish & Catering, believes this could be one of the best seasons in years if the weather keeps cooperating.

An ideal crawfish season comes from two main factors: precipitation and mild conditions.

August was very wet throughout the ArkLaTex, when conditions usually are on the drier side. Ample rain helps crawfish thrive. 

Combining that with an unseasonably warm fall and start to winter, the population was able to grow - making this year's crop even better than the prior season's. 

And prices aren't looking too shabby, either.

At the start of the previous season, Shaver's Crawfish & Catering was selling cooked crawfish for $7 to $8 a pound. This season, that price is starting at $6.99 a pound.

And the price will only be dropping from here. Colder temperatures keep crawfish burrowed. So prices really begin to drop after the last freeze in late February or early March.

However, if temperatures stay as mild as they have, crawfish will exit their burrows much quicker - meaning cheaper prices, even faster. 

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