Bossier family meets, gives thanks to their 'guardian angel' deputy

Bossier family meets, gives thanks to their 'guardian angel' deputy

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Within hours of word of Saturday morning's fire getting out, help was already pouring in to help the north Bossier Parish family who lost their home to fire, but whose lives were saved by a deputy.

"The love and support we've seen from the community and the Apollo family has been amazing," says Apollo Elementary school teacher Sarah Cobbs. She set up a room at Apollo as a collection center for parents and teachers to donate clothes and other items for Danielle Tunno, her two children and her fiancee Richard. They lost nearly everything they owned in an early Saturday morning fire on Twin Lake Road.

"To have all these people go out of their way for us is unbelievable," a teary-eyed Danielle said, looking at a room full of donations.

Generally, nothing tops witnessing the giving spirit of friends and complete strangers until you hear the series of events that have many believing something much larger answered John Chreene's call to the sheriff's office Saturday morning.

"Through there," said Chreene pointing between two trees in the direction of Danielle's mobile home across the street from his, "I see fire on the ground."

John thought a burn pile at 5 in the morning, during a rain storm, just didn't make a lot of sense. So he called the sheriff's office. "I said something is not right. Something is wrong with this picture."

After being dispatched to the scene to investigate, Deputy Darryl Ware pulled up within minutes.

"Pretty much the whole back of the house was in flames," said Deputy Ware. "Something told me there were people inside."

So Deputy Ware began banging on the front door. With smoke pouring out of that door and windows, and moments before he says he was about to kick the door in, Danielle's fiancee Richard Hayden opened the door. Danielle, Richard and Deputy Ware grabbed Danielle's 9-year-old son Trevor and ran out the front door to Deputy Ware's patrol unit.

"You saved our lives," Danielle told Ware, face to face, during a Monday afternoon meeting she arranged with the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office, Deputy Ware and Sheriff Julian Whittington.

"He's the kind of deputy we're proud to have on our staff," adds Whittington, pointing out this is Ware's third live saving rescue in the last 2 years. In 2014, Deputy Ware was honored for his heroics after rescuing someone from a burning apartment in north Bossier. And earlier this year, Deputy Ware rescued an elderly man from flood water's in the Haughton area.

But when asked how he felt about the title of 'hero', Deputy Ware responded with, "I didn't save anybody."

Instead Ware gave full credit to God.

"If you take one piece away from what happened (Saturday morning), then you don't have this happier ending."

Deputy Ware says the events of that morning were like a row of dominoes. From the call to the sheriff's office from neighbor John Chreene, the only call to come in that morning.

"He's the first domino. It started with him," explained Deputy Ware.

Chreene's call, then Ware's response, followed by the outpouring of donations are the biggest three dominoes in this series of events.  And that's followed by the most surprising domino of all that surprised everyone during Monday's reunion at the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office substation on Viking Drive. Danielle's daughter who was in attendance on Monday recognized Deputy Ware's daughter who was also there, in only a matter of seconds.

"She's my best friend and my BFF," exclaimed Kayla, Danielle's daughter. McKayla and Deputy Ware's daughter were best friends back in Kindergarten and during the first grade.

"You couldn't write this narrative. There's too much here," says Ware.

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