House for Hope helps empower people with disabilities

House for Hope helps empower people with disabilities
(Source: Nicolette Schleisman/KSLA News 12

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The purchase of a $100 ticket for a chance to win a beautiful new home can also help people in the greater Shreveport-Bossier area who live with disabilities live more fulfilling, independent lives.

Holy Angels is one of 4 charities supported by ticket sales for this year's House for Hope.

The independent residential training campus and facility for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities has been around for 51 years. Their mission is to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities a path to self-fulfillment through education, empowerment, spirituality, independence, and work.

It's been far more than a home for 31 years to Leanne Young, is developmentally disabled because of an injury suffered when she was born.

"My goodness, there's not another place like this in the world," said her mother, Linda Young.

"She has blossomed and she feels so complete by being able to live as close to a normal life within her range as my other two girls do," said Young.

"We are a voice for the voiceless," said Kristen Powers, the Director of Development for Holy Angels.

A lot of that is done through AngelWorks, which offers program participants and residents18 and older work-readiness training while producing retail products and services that are sold to the community through a gift shop. All proceeds go back to Holy Angels.

"They are so proud of the work they do because it's not just getting thrown away. It's getting used by people in the community. It's being purchased by people in the community," said Powers.

Holy Angels works with 185 people whose ages range from newborn to older adults from more than 20 states, but primarily sees people from Louisiana and Texas.

"We are not a Medicaid-level facility. Our quality of care is way high and above what Medicaid dollars provide. And so there's about a $1.5 million a year gap that we have to fill by raising funds in the community for Holy Angels," said Powers.

For every dollar donated, 86 cents goes directly to resident or program participant care and offering the training programs.

"The individuals that we serve here are thriving.They're not just living with Holy Angels, their lives are so full."

"It's just this mother's answer to prayers," said Young.

To reserve your ticket for a chance to win the House for Hope and support Holy Angels, call (318) 797-8222, or visit this website.

Those who register can also choose to direct their donation Community RenewalThe Hub Urban Ministry, and Providence House.

The grand prize drawing is set for December 16.

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