I-30 construction complete in Hempstead County

I-30 construction complete in Hempstead County

HOPE, AR (KSLA) - A ribbon cutting ceremony in Hope Arkansas Tuesday signified the end of construction of two road projects on Interstate 30 through Hempstead County.

Highway department officials say the two projects were completed six months ahead of time.

Steve Frisbee, Arkansas Highway And Transportation said they completed approximately 11 miles of roadway.

Work began earlier this year, costing $40 million. While construction was underway, motorists dealt with major traffic problems.

"We realize anytime you do road work that involves a lane closure you are going to get traffic backups," said Frisbee.

Frisbee said those backups should be over. "I-30 through Hempstead County is 100% clear both lanes open to traffic and flowing well."

There are two interstate construction projects remaining in Miller County, Arkansas. While they continue, eastbound traffic is down to one lane.

Some residents are waiting until all projects are complete before driving on I-30.

Mandy Townsend, a Hempstead County Resident said, "I think that is great, but I will continue to drive 67 until it is done because I can still see from 67 there is still a lot of traffic driving one lane and it will definitely slow you down."

Highway transportation officials say even with the open lane, traffic flow has improved through Miller County. They are expecting that to change during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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