Here's how House for Hope helps the homeless community

Here's how House for Hope helps the homeless community
Inside the Lovewell Center in downtown Shreveport.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Our look this week at how your registration to win the House for Hope helps the community continues with a closer look at The Hub Ministry.

It's one of four charities toward which those who register can choose to direct their donation, which also includes Community Renewal, Holy Angels and Providence House.

The Hub: Urban ministries has been addressing the homeless issue in Shreveport for nearly 10 years. 
"The Hub is a non-profit on a mission to give everybody in our city access to a restored life," said Director Weston Brown.

Statistics show Louisiana has the third-highest poverty rate in the nation. Around 25% of the population in Shreveport is in some form of poverty.

The Hub has two primary programs to help. Purchased: Not for Sale tackles human trafficking and sexual slavery in Shreveport and the Region. The Lovewell Center in downtown Shreveport helps people get out of poverty through an earnings-based approach.

"In order to take advantage of the services that we offer here, people have to become a member of the Lovewell Center, and when you become a member, we give you what looks like a credit card, and through attending classes here and helping us around the facility, you can earn points on your card which allow you to buy clothes, to buy food, to get your haircut, to wash your clothes," said Brown.

"It's just like coming home up here. It's really a home away from home, what it amounts to," said Charles Chism.

Chism had been on and off the streets since he was 7 years old. That all changed about 5 years ago when he first started getting help from The Hub.

With the help of The Hub, he was able to get an apartment and wants to continue to volunteer with the nonprofit.

"They got a lot of good people working here," said Chism.

Weston Brown says The Hub strives to see people in poverty get back into the regular rhythm of life.

"By walking with people relationally, it gives us the opportunity to speak into their lives on a continual basis and to feel as though there is some actual tangible steps that are being taken and seeing success in that and being able to celebrate that," said Brown.

Working to see restoration in people's lives, and helping them get off the streets.

If you want to reserve your ticket for the House for Hope giveaway, you can call (318) 797-8222, or click here.

The grand prize drawing will be December 16.

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