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Budget shortfall has Texarkana Salvation Army facing cuts to programs

Texarkana Salvation Army (Source: Fred Gamble/ KSLA News 12) Texarkana Salvation Army (Source: Fred Gamble/ KSLA News 12)

An organization that is dedicated to helping others is itself in need of help in Texarkana. 

The Salvation Army in Texarkana was already facing deep cuts back in September, along with the layoff of seven staff members. 

Last month, the organization was hoping to raise additional funds before the first of October to keep other services from being cut. 

However, it was confirmed Monday that the Salvation Army in Texarkana did not reach its goal. 

Over the past several weeks, the Texarkana Salvation Army was only able to raise $30,000 of a $100,000 goal to keep all of its programs going. 

Lt. Bernadette Correira said the shortfall has led to the Salvation Army of Texarkana discontinuing the rental and utilities assist programs, including those that help people who need help paying rent and utilities. 

But she is not giving up hope. 

"We are hoping by raising the extra amount of $70,000 we are needing we can reopen that program and help those that need that rental assistance their lights turned on again," said Lt. Correira. "If they are going to be evicted, we hope to do that all again."

Lt. Correira says it's just one of many programs the Army provides for the community, and she has hundreds of files of people applying for help to pay rent and utilities to show just how much need there is for the assistance. 

"We are very much aware that these are not just folders these are people so we are looking to help them some way." 

And with the holidays fast approaching, Lt. Correira says there is a need in the Texarkana area for those needing an extra hand. That need was demonstrated Monday with crowds of people signing up for this year's Angel Tree, a program the Salvation Army say will continue.

"The need is great and we see that here we still have a continuous flow of people coming in all day long. So we are still committed to helping those who
truly need it, most especially children especially the seniors."

The Texarkana Salvation Army serves three Arkansas counties and one county in Texas.

You can make financial donations at the Salvation Army's administration office at 400 East 4th St., Texarkana, Arkansas. Other help can come from food, clothing and furniture donations.

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