New details emerge about closing of Shreveport Country Club

New details emerge about decision to close Shreveport Country Club
(Source; Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)
(Source; Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)
(Source; Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)
(Source; Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - There's new information about a century-long tradition that's coming to an end with the closure of Shreveport Country Club.

After 107 years in operation, the club this week announced it has shut its doors.

The news came as a big shock to many local golfers who played the course.

And it comes just seven years after a local pastor's nonprofit took over the venue with so much promise as a public course.

An open house at Shreveport Country Club in March 2009 showcased several hundred thousand dollars' worth of renovations to the clubhouse and golf course improvements during its 100th anniversary.

That came just three months after being turned over to Winners Circle International, a nonprofit outreach arm of Shreveport Community Church under the Rev. Denny Duron.

During that hopeful open house, the pastor told KSLA News 12: "The people that were members here already are just relieved that they're going to be able to continue to have their club and enjoy all the amenities of this place for the foreseeable future."

Seven years later, that foreseeable future came to a screeching halt Oct. 3 when management announced the immediate closure of Shreveport Country Club.

Speaking by phone, Duron said of the closure: "The club was, you know, it was just not, we weren't paying the bills."

But he was careful to describe the closure as a pause. "Perhaps, you know, reorganize and reconsider what the very best use of that property is."

But this pause has meant the immediate layoff of the club's 28 or so employees and the cancellation of all 200 or so golf memberships.

As for all the events and receptions still scheduled for the clubhouse, Shreveport Country Club event planner Sharon Johnson explained: "We are working with the clients to, you know, help them locate alternate venues. We have to do that."

As for a timetable for making a decision about the club's facilities, Duron said they should know more in the weeks and months ahead.

He emphasized that all options are on the table right now and no final decision has been made.

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