Testing at CMN program helped save teen's life

Testing at CMN program helped save teen's life

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Devonte Jordan got the shock of his life when he was selected for a random health check through Linwood Charter's student based health centers. Nurses there diagnosed the 14-year-old with type-2 diabetes.

Registered nurse, Yolanda Green, discovered Jordan had a glucose level four times the regular reading.

"We tested him twice actually. First, it was 486 and second it was over 500," said Green.

A level that high would send most teenagers into a coma. Jordan was immediately sent to the hospital.

"When I came I thought that they would let me take sugars and go back to class," said Jordan. "I didn't know they were going to send me to the hospital."

Jordan spent four days in the hospital while doctors and nurses worked to regulate his blood sugar.

His dad, Earnest, believed that the test inside the student-based health center saved his son's life.

"I'm grateful and thankful for it," said Earnest.

Jordan was tested on equipment paid for by donations to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

"Without them a lot of those supplies and equipment we would not have," said Green.

Jordan now has to check his own blood sugar, take medication and use insulin. He said so far the changes have come easily to him.

Jordan says he didn't feel tired or sluggish before he was diagnosed but he was extremely thirsty. That is a sign of possible diabetes.

Jordan's dad Earnest and his uncle are also diabetic and the condition can be hereditary.

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