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Download the new Stormtracker 12 Weather App

The Stormtracker 12 mobile app for iOS The Stormtracker 12 mobile app for iOS

KSLA News 12 has a new free weather app for iPhone and Android devices. 

Features include:

  • Important weather alerts sent straight to your phone
  • Live, interactive radar (250 meters, the highest resolution available)
  • Hour by hour forecasts
  • 10 day forecasts
  • Storm tracking
  • In-depth weather Video
  • See It, Snap It, Send It
  • Fully integrated GPS for current location awareness
  • And so much more!

Stay up to date with the best local weather information in the ArkLaTex, right on your smart phone, iPad or tablet! The new design makes it even easier to be prepared as conditions change. From staying safe during storms to knowing what to wear for the day, we’ll keep you up to date with current conditions, a live interactive radar, hour by hour forecasts, and 10 day forecasts.

You can download the app for free right now:

Click here to download your free KSLA Stromtracker 12 iPhone app, or search "KSLA" in the App Store.  Please note: It requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Click here to get your free KSLA Stormtracker 12 app for Android, or search "KSLA" in the Android Market.

    What's New?
    If you love video, the new KSLA Stormtracker 12 Weather app has a lot to love. You can watch in-depth weather videos and get specific weather information customized for your exact location. The new app also has 22 weather-sensitive photo scenes, 32 weather alert types, and a new button bar that allows you to jump directly to weather essentials.

    Be sure to share your feedback via the app download page in your respective app store/market/world. 

    You can also contact our developers at

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