Students react after cosmetology schools closes Shreveport, 78 other campuses

Degree of Debt: Regency Beauty Institute’s aftermath
(Source: Photo submitted by KSLA News 12 viewer Neyasha Littlejohn)
(Source: Photo submitted by KSLA News 12 viewer Neyasha Littlejohn)
Students waited outside on Thursday to be able to get their belongings from the closed Regency cosmetology school (Source: Eric Pointer/ KSLA News 12)
Students waited outside on Thursday to be able to get their belongings from the closed Regency cosmetology school (Source: Eric Pointer/ KSLA News 12)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Regency Beauty Institute in Shreveport and the school's campuses in 78 other cities are closed.

"It is with great sadness that we announce that after more than 50 years of educating cosmetology students, Regency Beauty Institute is permanently closing on September 28, 2016," says a notice on the school's website.

Thursday was Trinity Stanley's birthday and finding out her school was closed was not the birthday she was expecting.

"I have 10 hours of school left. Literally, Friday morning was my last day.10 o'clock, I'd be out of here," said Stanley

Students at the Shreveport campus got the news via a similarly crafted sign posted on the door of the school in East Side Plaza in the 7400 block of Youree Drive.

"We are truly sorry for the abrupt nature of this information," it read.

The notice also says students can collect their personal belongings from the Shreveport campus between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29, and between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Friday, Sept. 30.

"After Friday, September 30, Regency will no longer have access to this building. Therefore, it is very important that you return during one of these sessions."

Final transcripts are being mailed to all current students, including any who enrolled within the past 120 days, the website notice says.

"These mailings will begin immediately, and we anticipate that all will be complete in the week of October 3."

Regency Beauty Institute also says it plans to:

  • provide copies of the final transcripts to the cosmetology board or state higher education authority in each student's home state, and,
  • hire a records management company that can handle future requests for student transcripts.

Also, Regency says it will work with its accrediting agency (NACCAS) and state boards to secure agreements that would allow students to complete their cosmetology program at other accredited schools.

"If you enroll in a school that has entered into one of these 'teach out' agreements, the cost to complete your program is typically lower than under a standard transfer agreement," Regency's statement says. "You are, however, absolutely free to apply as a transfer student to any cosmetology school of your choosing. It is important that you understand that any transfer arrangements will be decided by each school."

Following is information Regency has posted about the state board and "teach out" schools in Louisiana.

LOUISIANA State Cosmetology Board:  (225) 756-3404
We are working to secure teach-out partners. Check back frequently, starting the week of October 3, 2016. Or call your state cosmetology board.

Now, students are forced to find somewhere to finish their education. There are places like Guy's Shreveport Academy of Cosmetology that are willing to help them come in and finish their program.

"It's a bad situation for the students and for the employees as well. So we just want to help them continue their education," said Sue Burch, owner of Guy's Academy.

McCann School of Business & Technology and Pat Goins Beauty School were also willing to help the students out.

The students aren't the only ones that didn't know it was closing. The director of the State Board of Cosmetology Steve Young said they didn't get the required notice that the school was closing either. Young says the school was supposed to notify them of the closing months in advance and tell them the amount of students that would be able to complete their program before they closed as well as the amount of students that were not.

"There are schools they will be able to attend and in short notice. It's just the idea of having to stop what you're doing and start over in another situation."

As for their money, The State Board of Cosmetology recommends students review their contract and any paperwork they've received from Regency to check the terms of the school's financial procedure.

Burch says they have also hired a former Regency instructor to help the students that transfer to Guy's Academy transition.

Stanley says McCann told her they would charge any students with more than 1,125 hours. She said that Guy's Academy would charge her $8.75 an hour. She said she's glad she has options to look into.

"At least I only have to go two days and I'll meet new people so it should be cool."

When all is said and done, she says she's been offered a job at a Bossier City salon.

Bobby Herring with the Caddo Parish White Collar Crimes Division confirmed they have gotten a complaint about the school closing and they are looking into it.

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