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Landers Athlete of the Week: Courtney Curtis - Sept. 28

Landers Athlete of the Week: Courtney Curtis - Sept. 28

(Source: Rashad Johnson, KSLA News 12) (Source: Rashad Johnson, KSLA News 12)

Girls Volleyball in the ArkLaTex is continuing to grow, and Captain Shreve is one of the better teams in Division 1, District 1.

One of their leaders is Courtney Curtis, a senior libero for the Lady Gators.

She has the grades, the talent and she definitely has the right attitude.

Courtney is like many of the other young teenage girls in the area, she just likes to have fun and enjoy life.

She was introduced to volleyball back in the 6th grade.

"My friend Emily asked me to play and their was a new club going around. She asked me to come to the tryouts because she didn't want to go by herself, so I went with her and the coach said I was a natural if you want to call it that," said Courtney Curtis.

A natural, she made first team all district last season and she's one of the leaders on the lady Gators squad.

"Who knew she was going to be a 5'3" beast," said her mother and number 1 fan Tina Oliver.

Courtney's mom isn't the only one who thinks that she is a beast.

"That's what I've been told and I would consider myself pretty humbled in the fact that people say that, I never know what to say when they say that," said Courtney Curtis.

Volleyball is just one of the many talents that she's picked up throughout her life. She also knows how to moonwalk and learned that from her father Jerry Curtis.

Courtney will be moonwalking to College soon and she says that her family and friends are the reason she's receiving this award.

I have an awesome support system. My mom hasn't missed a single game since I've been playing.

"Who else is going to bring her water, gum, and all the things that she needs," said her mother Tina Oliver.

College offers are rolling in and one coach in particular has taken notice and invited her to play in the Nokaoi Volleyball Showcase in Hawaii.

"She was invited by coach Steven Graham to represent our region in Hawaii. We are trying to get her there, it's expensive so we started a GoFundMe page," said Courtney's mom Tina Oliver.

"This is definitely not something that I expected especially coming into it 8 years ago. It's awesome," said Curtis.

Her mother thinks Courtney is humble and confident at the same time.

"I really don't think she knows how good she really is. She's very humble and I love that about her, but sometimes in life I think you need to sell yourself to get those opportunities. She is who she is and I love her just the way she is," said Tina Oliver.

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