Southwood High School collects bikes to donate to S. LA flood victims

Southwood High School collects bikes to donate to S. LA flood victims
Southwood High School

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It has been a little more than a month since South Louisiana was hit by historic flooding and a lot of donations have begun to die down. But one Caddo Parish school is gearing up to help out again.

The images are hard to forget. Every possession someone owned out on their curb in Baton Rouge, ruined by the flood waters.

"There are people still trying to dig their way out of this. Homes that are still uninhabitable. People who have not returned to a sense of normalcy, so to speak," said Jeff Roberts, the principal for Southwood High School.

That is especially true for Southwood High School. Several students and staff went down last month after the floods with trucks of supplies, and to help set up a service center for United Way.

"We were up collecting, all night before, we were collecting, sorting, and putting everything in boxes," said Brooklyn Bass, a Southwood High School senior.

And they are not done trying to help. Now, they are working to help out even more.

"We know that the flood relief aspect of things, it's a long tedious process. And a lot of the relief is at the beginning when it's on everybody's minds. Their latest request is for bicycles," said Roberts.

Because many people lost all types of modes for transportation, students at Southwood High School are now collecting adult bicycles; used or new.

"Just by last time, seeing how well it effected that community, our school, every school in Caddo Parish is just kind of jumping on board with it now, and we're hoping to make as many trips down there as we can to get as much stuff together that we can, because we know every little bit helps," said Bass.

Those interested in donating a bike are asked to contact the main office of Southwood High School at (318) 686-9512.

They hope to bring down a load in a week or two, but there is no deadline for when they will stop taking in bikes, and they will take children's bikes too.

Roberts says they will make multiple trips down south if necessary. The bikes are being donated to the United Way.

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