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Editorial: The Choking Game


About a week and a half ago we shared a tragic story. An 11-year-old son of one of our Raycom Media employees accidentally killed himself while playing “The Choking Game”.

The boy’s name is Garrett Pope Jr. and his mom and dad want all parents to be aware of what happened to their son and family.

I had never heard of the game. However, our sales manager went home after we heard the story and asked her teenage son if he had heard of the game. He said yes, and that he not only knew about the game, but that he had witnessed others playing it. The scariest part of all is that he did not see any harm in the game. I assure you that he now knows how dangerous it can be. His mother made sure of that.

Please parents, check this out online, get informed. Like Garrett’s family, we want everyone to know about this terrible game.

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