Texarkana Salvation Army desperately seeking financial help

Texarkana Salvation Army desperately seeking financial help

TEXARKANA, AR (KSLA) - The Salvation Army has been helping communities across the nation, including in the ArkLaTex, for the past 120 years.

Now, the organization's Texarkana branch needs help of its own.

Leaders say if they don't get more donations soon, they may not be able to keep their mission alive.

"We never want to tell someone, 'we can't help you,'" said Captain Stephen Correira.

But officials with the Texarkana Salvation Army say they are coming close to doing just that. Captain Correira said the organization is having some serious financial issues.

So far this year, the branch has spent more than $145,000 on programs for those in need in the area.

But direct donations and the loss of two grants totaling $100,000 are putting a strain on the agency. Already, seven staff members have been laid off and adjustments have been made to some of the programs.

"In order for us to continue to function, we may have 30-45 days funding available. Otherwise, we will have to look hard at our programs and decide what we can continue to fund and what we cannot," explained Captain Correira.

The Salvation Army is the only family emergency shelter in Texarkana.

Captain Correira said seven families with 17 children are being housed at the location. The group also provides meals for the homeless which is also taking a hit.

Salvation Army officials say they are hoping the community will step in and help them through this crisis.

"We are the Salvation Army. People come to us for hope, people come to us for another chance and we want to continue to provide that opportunity," said Captain Correira.

The Texarkana Salvation Army serves three Arkansas counties and one county in Texas.

Monetary donations can be made at the organization's administration office at 400 East 4th St. in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Other help can come from food, clothing and furniture donations.

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