Texarkana College unveils plans for expansion into Cass Co.

Texarkana College unveils plans for expansion into Cass Co.

CASS COUNTY, TX (KSLA) - The drive is officially underway to bring Cass Co., TX into the taxing district of Texarkana Community College.

Texarkana Community College officials gave residents of Cass County their first look at plans for expansion on Friday.

College leaders say it's time to bring higher education to the East Texas county.

"I am very excited about the possibility and look forward to TC being a big community player in Atlanta and Cass County," says Mayor Keith Crow of Atlanta, Texas.

The proposed location is 101 East Pinecrest Dr. in Atlanta. Before anything is set and stone, Cass County residents have to approve a tax increase in the November elections.

Texarkana College President James Russell said not everyone is on board.

"It is the word 'tax,' and any tax and any talk of increase scares a lot of people and turns a lot of people. That is why we want to show the people exactly what we are going to do," said Russell.

President Russell said the increase will cost the average Cass County household $70-$75 per year.

If voters approve the new training site, it will offer certificate programs for welding, cosmetology, truck driving and vocational nursing.

The facility will allow Cass County high school students to receive dual college credits.

"Our number one priority at Texarkana College is to increase the percent of the population in our service area with a higher ed credential," said Russell.

Texarkana College leaders hope to have the training site up and going by January 2018, if Cass County voters approve the tax increase. Russell said all revenue received from Cass County will stay in the county.

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