Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath

Bad Breath? Chances are, gum disease is causing it. Bad breath is not normal in healthy dogs, But without professional care from a veterinarian and home care from you, there's a strong possibility that bad breath, tooth problems and gum disease will develop.

Consider the facts:

  • Bad breath frequently indicates oral health problems.
  • By age three, gum disease affects eight In 10 dogs.
  • Plaque, a bacterial film that can lead to gum disease, forms continuously.
  • Plaque and its hardened form, tartar, accumulate and compromise teeth and gums.
  • As gum disease progresses, your dog experiences pain, damage to underlying bone and tooth loss.

It doesn't have to be this way for your best friend. Our veterinary hospital has a program to maintain your dog's oral health. It includes cleaning, follow up examinations, routine tooth brushing at home, and a revolutionary new food from Hills called Prescription Diet Canine t/d. This special dry formula is clinically proven to be effective against bad breath and the accumulation of plaque, stain and tartar on your dog's teeth. Visit our hospital today. Together, we can control dental problems before they become irreversible. Because without healthy teeth, you dog isn't healthy.