General Dental Information

Dental care, or oral hygiene, is an important but sometimes overlooked part of your pet's health program. When you make the effort to give your pet proper dental care, you can have a great preventative effect on your pet's total health.

Since most pets are not big complainers, we really have to pay attention to spot these little irritations or infections early. A regular routine of keeping the mouth clean and healthy at all times is the best way to head off problems before they start. Such as persistent bad breathe, gum inflammation (gingivitis), food bacterial accumulation (plaque), mineralized plague (tartar), leading to bleeding gums, periodontal disease, loose infected teeth arid eventual loss of teeth. Some potentially serious health problems can start with a minor tooth or gum problem. Bacteria grow on neglected, irritated gums, and can be carried by the bloodstream to your pet's vital organs.

We're devoting February to getting all our pets on a regular dental care routine. It starts with a dental checkup and a teeth cleaning, just like you receive at your dentist. If there is any trouble developing, we'll spot it and take care of it at that time. We'll also spend a few minutes briefing you on the proper dental care routine you should be following.

In human medicine, prevention is gaining momentum as a cost-saving and life-improving approach. I hope you'll agree with me that a preventative visit like this is also worthwhile for your pet's long-term health. I look forward to seeing you very soon for a dental checkup for your pet.