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Landers Athlete of the Week: Anthony Boston Jr. - August 17

Landers Athlete of the Week: Anthony Boston Jr. - August 17

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Arcadia's all-around athlete Anthony Boston Jr. is coming off an impressive year with the Hornet basketball and football teams.

His biggest fans are his family.

The hive has been buzzing in Arcadia since last season's semi-final appearance in the playoffs.

One of the leaders on this senior squad is Anthony Boston Jr. aka A.J. Boston.

"He's a play maker at every position, they see him at cornerback and they are like man he's nice and he's athletic and has great instincts," said Arcadia's head coach Dimitri Carr. "They see him at tailback and they are like man he can tote the rock too and then at receiver they are like my God he's running nice routes. I mean we play 1A ball and a lot of coaches say I haven't seen an athlete 1 - 5A as good as A.J. Boston."

A.J. and the Hornets have come a long way since his freshman year. The Hornets went from 0 and 10 to 10 and 4 in three seasons. Arcadia's season ended in the semi-final round and they have their sights set on a state title.

"It's been a big journey, we started out 0 and 10 but we kept growing and growing and growing. Coach kept making us keep competing in practice and always had faith in us," said A.J. Boston.

He's not only an athlete on the field, he also helped lead the Hornet basketball team to its first state title last year.

"I played football, basketball, and ran track and played golf," said A.J. Boston.

A.J.'s talent comes from his family.

"Your auntie told me to make sure you tell everybody that she started this," said his Grandmother Marcie Boston.

"I think he got it from everybody I guess," said his father, Anthony Boston Sr.

A.J.'s family is full of loving supporters who had an integral role in making A.J. the young man he is today.

A good grade point average and ACT score and now the college offers are starting to roll in.

"I'm hoping that he will get a chance to go to a local real good school and that will give him a chance to come in and show what he can do because I know he can do the job," said Anthony Boston Sr. "If he stays local everybody in the entire family can go to the games and support him."

Whatever institution A.J. decides to attend, his grandmother says he'll be ready.

"We teach him in the church to put God first and all these things will be added unto him," said Marcie Boston.

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