Fencing history makes way from Shreveport to Rio

Fencing history makes way from Shreveport to Rio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport fencing expert was able to take part in the Olympic games by sending a piece of history from a medal winner's past to Rio.

Andy Shaw, the owner of Fairfield Avenue School of Fencing and the Museum of American Fencing, is also a historian for the sport.

"I love the history. And once in a while, people find history very important," said Shaw.

When Alex Massialas won the silver medal for fencing, Shaw had a chance to showcase some of his knowledge and share some history in Rio.

"Massialas won the silver medal the other day and somebody wanted, from the Olympic committee, wanted a photograph of Massialas and his father who's also an Olympian. And I have those," said Shaw.

Shaw may have another connection to the Olympics in his student Jakarri Kent. Kent recently got a full scholarship to fence at Cleveland State University, and one day and he hopes to make it to the Olympics.

"It's gonna take lots of sacrifices, lots of practice, lots of commitment. Just work," said Kent.

Kent has been fencing for about 3 years. He says he's been paying close attention to the sport at the Olympics.

"I kind of look at it as I see myself in the same predicament, which makes me wanna work harder to get to where they are. So it's really like an inspiration."

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