Magnolia School of Excellence upper school set to open Monday

Magnolia School of Excellence upper school set to open Monday

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Magnolia School of Excellence campus has expanded, with the addition of a sixth through ninth grade school. Eventually students up to 12th grade will be welcomed in.

"We feel great about the new school, because of the success of the old school," said Phillip Rozeman, who is on the school's executive board.

Construction is ongoing, but Rozeman says the school will open their doors Monday.

"Yes, they are tying up lose ends on the outside but the school is ready to go," he said.

A new school means more drivers on the road leading up to it.

"There is just no way to avoid it," said Nina, who lives down the street from the school and says the current charter school slows down traffic at certain times of the day.

She is dreading what it will be like with the new school.

"Actually we are worried about it a lot, it has been kind of hard during rush hour like in the mornings when you go out or in the afternoon."

Both schools will have different start and end times, so Rozeman says there may be a little bit more traffic for a longer period of time, but he feels confident about the road situation.

"It really has worked out really smoothly, the parents are satisfied with it, and I don't think it has turned out to be anything like the fear," he said.

Debra Lindsey feels the schools will raise property values isn't worried about the congestion.

"As a homeowner I am very excited about it," said Lindsey. "You know when school gets out or in the morning, there is a little more traffic but honestly it still flows."
But for Nina, she believes there are only two options when it comes to dealing with the school traffic.

"Sit in the traffic or try to leave early," she said.

School leaders say they have full enrollment and there is even a waiting list to get into the school.

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