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Landers Athlete of the Week: Aaron Wheeler - August 10

Landers Athlete of the Week: Aaron Wheeler - August 10


Speed has always been one of Aaron Wheeler's best traits.

"Aaron was a pretty easy baby, he was ready to get out and conquer the world. He came out fast, just a couple of pushes and he was there," said Aaron's mother Paula McGahan.

He's come along way since birth, and the 14-year-old recently picked up the nickname "Wheels."

"Probably my football coach when I got on the field he said 'come on wheels,'" said Aaron Wheeler. "I think it fits."

Aaron is a freshman on the Benton football team, but he made a name for himself this summer running track for the River Cities track team.

"Its a big part of my life right now, so I want to keep pursuing it," explained Aaron Wheeler.

"It just seems like this past season he's just turned it on," said Paula McGahan.

"So far it's been pretty great. Coach Plaza has been teaching me pretty well," said Aaron Wheeler.

His coach Juan Plaza has been a track coach since 1996.

"He did everything I asked him to do and coaches love that. 'Hey Aaron you have to this, that and this' and he does it. I don't think he has ever questioned anything he just does it," said coach Plaza. "As long as he is willing and has the drive, the sky is the limit."

"Practice is tough, but it's worth it. I mean, I made it to Junior World's competition, I think that's pretty good," said Aaron Wheeler.

Aaron recently competed in the Junior Worlds competition and placed 11th in the nation.

"In the nation, if you look at the heat sheets, there were kids from all over the country," said coach Plaza.

Aaron has only been running track for competitively for about a year, but running hurdles was natural. His mother and father were both athletes too.

"The metaphor for life is the exact the same. You've got to focus and you've got to concentrate. You have to put everything out of your mind and go for the gold," said Aaron's father, Ryan Wheeler.

Some races aren't meant to be won. When Aaron was younger, his mother and father filed for divorce. Instead of the divorce taking love away from Aaron, it actually added more pieces to his family.

"I have three step brothers, one half brother and one sister," said Aaron Wheeler. "I think it's great a whole bunch of family, friends and love ones to support me."

"Well I think he has a good support system all the way around everybody loves him," said his mother Paula McGahan. "From his parents to his family and his siblings. He's just loved by everybody and that's and awesome quality to have.

His older step-brother Tyler ran track back in his day, and Aaron continues to use it as motivation.

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