Student AP scores increase in NWLA parishes

Student AP scores increase in NWLA parishes

LOUISIANA (KSLA) - With the first day of classes for the 2016-2017 school year in the books for Bossier, new Superintendent Scott Smith boarded a school bus with students Monday morning.

While on the bus, Smith said some students will have to deal with the heat.

"We're making sure that the air conditioned buses are reserved for all the longer routes in the parish and the non air-conditioned buses that are reserved for the shorter routes within town," explained Smith.

Smith also spoke talked about how Bossier Schools ranks in the state when it comes to AP test scores. He said after ranking fourth in the state, Bossier

Schools were able to give students the opportunity to receive college credit.

"These students qualifying will receive college credit. Once again, we are giving our students an outstanding opportunity that our high scores and being able to give college credit as a result," said Smith.

Nearly a third of Bossier students taking the AP exams received a qualifying score of a three or higher. The district says this shows a 252 percent increase since 2013.

That increase puts Bossier fourth in the state for State Average Performance Growth. With these added in results, Bossier Schools rank eighth in the state for the number of qualifying scores.

Caddo Parish schools are also being recognized statewide for their growth in Advanced Placement.

A district spokesperson says Caddo Parish students have seen an 84 percent increase, scoring the highest performance levels on national AP exams.

The scores rank Caddo in the top ten of districts for continued growth over a four year period. Caddo Parish Magnet High School is ranked fourth in the state for increases in the number of students scoring a three or above on the AP tests.

Their principal says the school would not have the state recognition without its teachers.

"Teachers don't do it for the pay, they do it to see students succeed and that's how they assess themselves. They would come up on weekends and after school working with the students, just to make sure that the students are doing the absolute best on these exams."

Caddo Parish Magnet High is also ranked sixth for the percentage of students scoring a three and above on the AP exams.

DeSoto Parish students increased their AP scores for the 2015-2016 school year as well. Nearly 20 percent of AP students earned a score of three or higher.

The school says this is a 7.2 percent increase from the previous school year.

Last year, the school reported 12.7 percent of DeSoto AP students earning a school of three or higher.

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