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Landers Athlete of the Week: Kason Muscutt - July 27

Landers Athlete of the Week: Kason Muscutt - July 27

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If home is where the heart is, 11-year-old Kason Muscutt lives at the hockey rink.

The ice may be cold to some people, but the temperature is just right at George's Pond for Kason Muscutt.

"I first started playing hockey when I was two years old and I've loved it ever since," said Kason Muscutt.

Kason Muscutt was born and raised in Shreveport, a place not known for youth hockey but that hasn't stopped him from playing.

"I don't use living in Louisiana as an excuse. I know looking at all the people I'm playing with that they did it and they are all from non-traditional hockey places," said Kason Muscutt. "This place is hockey you just have to make it hockey." 

Kason plays for the Thunder out of Nashville. also has played Triple A hockey and competes with the top 5 percent of players in the nation.

"When we were driving to Nashville, Huntsville, and Dallas, before I put the car in I would ask him the same thing. 'Is this what you want to do?' It was always, 'dad I love it,' and so the car went in drive and it was always a great trip," says Kason's father Scott Muscutt.

Kason's passion for hockey stems from his father.

"I remember stumbling up the stairs and seeing all those pictures of my dad playing, and for as long as I can remember that has really inspired me," said Kason Muscutt.

His father Scott Muscutt is a former Mudbug Hockey Player, Mudbug Coach and current Mudbug GM.

When he first started, I was trying to stay real conscious of not letting my passions be his passions and let him find his own way," explained Scott Muscutt. "I loved watching him play football he was a great little football player, I loved watching him play baseball and I loved watching him play soccer but also my bias will show through I really enjoy watching him I can truthfully say that I was no where near him where he is right now." said Muscutt.

The commitment and hard work extends far from the hockey rink. Kason has been a straight A student at Calvary Baptist Academy his entire life.

"Athletes who play hockey, if you want to be successful and your grades drop, so does your opportunity to be a great hockey player. I think he's kind of absorbed that and internalized that and it's showing through. He's very competitive about everything he does," said Scott Muscutt.

With the return of the Mudbugs and the beautiful renovated Hirsch Coliseum, Kason can really perfect his craft.

"We don't have to travel to Nashville, Huntsville, Atlanta and Detroit we can stay right here and play in our own back yard," said Kason Muscutt. "It's just home like you can't top it, like there is no other place that I would rather be."

Last week, a few of the new Mudbugs players were in town and Kason received an offer he couldn't refuse.

"I just happened to be sitting in the room when they asked him if he wanted to go skating with them when the fans showed up, I'm telling you he tried to be so composed. He was just like that would be really cool," said Scott Muscutt.  

"Looking out here you can just look at those guys and say 'I'm going to be them one day. I want to be them and I'm going to be them, it's going to happen.'"

That day can't come soon enough for Kason, but for his father, he's just enjoying the father and son time.

"I love him. I love that he loves the game, it's just something that I know there's going to come a day where he's too old for day so I'm going to cherish these moments every chance I get," said Scott Muscutt.

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