Save On Your Pet's Medical Bills

Why your pet needs medical insurance protection.
Chances are, an accident or serious illness will strike your pet at some point during its lifetime. The odds don't improve for pets that stay indoors.

The reality is that pets are as apt to need the same professional medical services as any other family member. From ear and bladder infections to broken bones, cancer and heart disease, today's veteri­narian can diagnose and treat many of the same ailments that affect you and your family. And, though veterinary services often cost less than 10 percent of comparable procedures from a physician, quality pet care can easily add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

In the past, big medical bills brought tough choices to pet owners. Choices like watching their pet suffer or ending its life through euthanasia. Now there's a better choice for assuring the best in vet­erinary care and a healthier, longer life for your loved one.

Veterinary Pet Insurance:
Established in 1980 with over 850,000 policies sold. Veterinary Pet Insurance is the number one pet insurance plan licensed and regulated in the United States and is recommended by veterinarians and their staffs nationwide.

Exclusively endorsed by The AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION, Veterinary Pet Insurance provides these comprehensive features:

  • Use any veterinarian worldwide (including specialist referrals) with no pre-authorization required
  • Policy pays for prescriptions, lab fees, x-rays, surgery, hospitalization, treatment, even office calls for any covered medical problem*
  • Average claims turnaround of one week or less
  • Sign up with no physical exam required for your pet
  • Pet ID Tag with LOST & FOUND Registry to quickly reunite you with your pet; tag also serves as instant verification to any practicing veterinarian that your pet is covered for emergency medical care
  • Protection costs just 28 to 69 cents per day for any pet aged eight years or younger *Subject to policy terms.

Why you should protect your pet with Veterinary Pet Insurance.

  • Protection costs just 28 to 69 cents a day for pets eight years or younger
  • Provides financial assistance when you and your pet need it most
  • Average claims turnaround of one week or less
  • State licensed and regulated
  • A donation is given to the American Humane Association for every policy sold
  • Optional Vaccination & Routine Care Coverage
  • Use any veterinarian worldwide
  • 10-day money back guarantee.