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Landers Athlete of the Week: Timothy Oliver - July 12

Landers Athlete of the Week: Timothy Oliver - July 12


The fear of the swimming can only be overcome by getting in the water. That was Timothy Oliver's story before he joined the swim school in 2008.

"I remember I was pretty scared of water because, back then, I had been a few times before but I had never been off the wall."

His parents watched the maturation process over the years.

"He stayed right here on the wall for the first two weeks," said his mother, Carrie Oliver.

"It's just the fear of the water," said his father, Chris Oliver. "If they can overcome the fear of the water, then they can go a whole lot of places."

Timothy Oliver replaced fear with confidence and now is one of the best swimmers at the swim school.

"He's very confident," said his swim instructor, Frances Kelly. "I wasn't here when he was first learning to swim. But I assume that he was like the other new swimmers, you know, probably a little fearful at first.

"But he's really developed into a strong swimmer. He's good at all four strokes, and he's very fast and a very good competitor."

Timothy Oliver made the swim team during his freshman year at Caddo Magnet High in Shreveport, .

"I think practicing really takes part in that because I started swimming for my high school and swimming there. There are lot of fast swimmers, even in my classes. And I almost made it to state, and that makes me feel like I need to work even harder."

The inspiration behind every stroke comes from his faith and watching his father face adversity and keep moving forward.

"A few years ago, my dad was diagnosed as being legally blind. But he is still supporting me, and he tries to take care of me anyway he can," Timothy Oliver said.

His father never made excuses and, instead, continued to be there for his son.  

"I can't see what he is doing," Chris Oliver said. "But I try to be at every event so that he will know that I am supporting him in everything he does."

Timothy Oliver's parents are present at every swim meet and award ceremony, and he has taken notice. "When I have children, I want to be as big of a support to them as they have been to me."

Swimming is just one of the many activities Timothy Oliver does well.

He also is an avid reader. "In my free time, if I'm not usually working on something, like I might like to read."

Timothy Oliver recently finished Helene Wecker's book "The Golem & the Jinni."

Carrie Oliver said sometimes she can't tear her son away from the books at night. "I'd say Timothy you finished or you through or are you going to bed tonight okay I'm going to stay up as long as I can."

All the time Timothy Oliver spends reading and studying has led him to being a straight A student his entire school career.

After his freshman year at Caddo Magnet High, he took the ACT for the first time and surprised his mother.

"He took it this summer, right, He scored a 30," Carrie Oliver said.

Thirty out of 36 possible points is a solid score and a reflection of Timothy Oliver's dedication in the classroom.

Now that he's 15 years old and a leader at the swim school, it's his job to continue to be a role model for younger swimmers.

"It takes me back to when I was learning how to swim and, again like I said earlier, I was scared of leaving the wall," Timothy Oliver said.

Timothy Oliver's parents keep him involved in extracurricular activities. Aside from swimming, he is in Boy Scouts of America and is heavily involved in his church.

"I always tell him that he has to remember who is the author of your salvation," Carrie Oliver said. "That's the only thing I can do is speak the word. Jesus is the author of your salvation; and once you know that he's got a plan for you, all you have to do is walk in it."

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