Video shows man tossing paint on Confederate monument

Video shows man tossing paint on Confederate monument

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help with identifying the person behind the Confederate monument vandalism.

The Confederate monument has been a topic of debate for some time now, but investigators believe someone may have taken their dislike for the monument too far.

Caddo Parish courthouse surveillance cameras captured video of a man dressed in dark colored clothes, a khaki hat and bottoms appearing to be reaching into his pockets

Deputies say they believe man was carrying bags of paint that he used to splatter across this monument.

"To me it appears someone is trying to express their discontent or their anger about it even being present," said Commissioner Jerald Bowman.

Cameras caught the unidentified man from a few different directions because there are several cameras perched on the courthouse and even overseeing the monument.

"This is a historic courthouse, so when you defame it, you almost defame the courthouse area," said Bowman.

The monument has long been the topic of debate, but Commissioner Jerald Bowman feels plastering paint across the gate surrounding the monument, and coloring the hem of the gown brown only plays into negativity.

"There are better ways that we can do things in the community," added Bowman.

For now, the fixture that welcomes people to the Caddo Parish Courthouse is left stained.

"It's so old and it's delicate so something like water pressure, would do more damage to it trying to get it off," said Bowman.

Meanwhile, the search for the mysterious man with the paint in his hands continues.

We reached out to the United Daughter of Confederacy, the organization in charge of caring for the monument, for comment. They are currently raising money to repair the broken arm of the woman figure on the monument damaged by a trespasser last month.

Check donations for these repairs are being accepted payable to "Shreveport Chapter UDC" with a memo note "for monument repair" and mailed to treasurer, Beryl Krefft at 157 Archer AV, Shreveport LA 71105.

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