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Landers Athlete of the Week: Zackey Hogg - July 6

(Source: Hogg family) (Source: Hogg family)

Zackey Hogg is a 14-year-old fisherman from Haughton, Louisiana.

He was pretty much raised on the water, and like every young fisherman around the world, he remembers his first catch.

"We'll I got my lizard got stuck, I got hung on something so I told my dad," said Zackey Hogg

His father Charles Hogg remembers that day as vividly as his son.

"He was kind of like 'hey dad I'm hung' well you know I'm like 'son just yank,'" said Charles Hogg.

"To see the expression on his face was totally awesome and to say that I was there to experience that with him means a lot," says Charles Hogg.

Since catching his first Brim, Zackey hasn't been able to put his rod and reel down.

"It will almost choke you up from time to time to see how far he's come in his short fishing time," said Charles Hogg.

In June, Zackey won the 2016 FLW Louisiana State Championship on Toledo Bend. He brought in 9 pounds, 15 ounces to win the tournament.

"It just felt like I had finally accomplished something that I had always wanted because every since I was 11 I was fishing at that tournament," said Zackey.

Zackey recommends using the watermelon colored blue gill swamp bait.

In August, he will compete in the National Championships in Alabama where he'll represent Louisiana and Haughton High School.

Zackey's father Charles is a pretty good fisherman himself.

"Yes sir, I've fished the FLW, the BFL division the cowboy division. I've fished some of the opens not many let me catch this fish real quick a Hogg caught a Hog," said Charles Hogg.

One of the most important lessons that Zackey has learned from the sport and from fishing is to stay humble.

"Fishing is a very humbling sport and one day you can go from zero to hero, and the exact opposite," said Zackey Hogg.

"We fished Guntersville Alabama this past weekend," said Charles Hogg. "He beat me, Saturday and Sunday. I did not even boat a fish and here lately that's the way it's been and I ain't been to happy about it."

"If I want anybody to beat me, I'd rather it be my son than anybody else," said Charles Hogg.

That is the same attitude Zackey's grandfather, Elgin Hogg took with his father.

"Fishing with him and catching a lot of fish, it's something you won't ever forget and you'll always take to heart," said Zackey Hogg.

It's a Hogg thing, father-son fishing trips have been going on for generations in this family.

"If I have a son I'm going to teach him the same things my dad taught me," said Zackey Hogg.

Zackey has a long way to go before he brings a child into the world, but his father says he's on the right track.

He will be a freshman at Haughton high school in the fall.

"Naturally he wants to go to college and be a Microbiologist. He's been on A and B honor roll his entire life. He's already gotten signed up for 2 AP classes. That's something way beyond what I was when I was his age, overall he's an awesome kid," said Zackey's father.

One of the best lessons learned while being out on the water is that some of the best fishing trips don't even involve fish leaving the water.

"Basically fishing and being out on the water is 101 with you and Gods creation. Just being on the water, you are away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, phones, and social media and stuff like. To get out here and be able to fish and relax and forget about all that it's very therapeutic the way I would put it," said Charles Hogg. 

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