Uber interested in serving Shreveport community

Uber interested in serving Shreveport community
Uber is advertising driver jobs in Shreveport on their website.
Uber is advertising driver jobs in Shreveport on their website.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Uber serves as an alternative to a traditional taxi cab ride in nearly every major city in America, but hasn't reached Shreveport yet. Uber is an online app that connects riders and drivers in a specific area.

Travel writer and blogger Jada Durden uses Uber in other cities when she can, most recently in New Orleans.

"I didn't have to worry about parking, I didn't have to worry about moving my own personal vehicle and it just got me to where I need to be," Durden said.

She believes the community would benefit from Uber.

"I could really see Uber working a lot with downtown Shreveport, even with the bar scene and the innovative things that are going on right now in downtown."

Advertisements for Uber drivers could be found online as far back as April of 2015. At that time, an Uber Spokesman confirmed the company was testing the waters in Shreveport by posting driver job ads to gauge if people would be interested in working as drivers.

Fast forward, more than a year later, Uber is currently advertising for drivers in Shreveport on their website. So how close is the company to coming here?

An Uber Spokesman issued the following statement:

"Uber is always interested in providing service to new communities – and is very interested in bringing safe, reliable transportation options and flexible work opportunities to Shreveport."

Uber has set up shop in cities across Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans. But how likely is it for Uber to come to Shreveport?

KSLA News 12 reached out to city leaders on both sides of the river, to try and find out.

According to Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker and City Attorney Jimmy Hall, they have not been contacted by Uber.

Shreveport City attorney William Bradford said, "At this point the city is not able to confirm details about Uber, Lyft, or any transportation company coming to Shreveport."

We asked Bradford if Shreveport leaders would welcome the ride sharing company, Bradford said the administration welcomes all new innovative businesses to Shreveport that are beneficial to our citizens that could improve the quality of life.

"At the same time, we have a responsibility to our citizens to do our due diligence as well," said Bradford.

We're told for Uber to operate in Shreveport, an ordinance allowing it would first have to be presented to a council committee, then move on for a vote by the full city council.

Traditionally, taxi cabs have protested Uber moving in cities across the country. We reached out to a local cab company, but they said they have no comment about Uber.

So is Uber coming here? Only time will tell.

While we don't know if or when Uber may come to Shreveport, we do know that about 100 miles down the road in Tyler, Texas, Uber is on its way there.

According to our sister station KLTV, Tyler's city manager will be presenting an Uber proposal to the city council by August 1.

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