What are #KSLAPupdates?

Pupdate 1: Naming the puppy

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - KSLAPupdates are puppy updates on my fostering experience.

On Tuesday, June 21, I was called to do a story about overcrowding at shelters in Shreveport-Bossier. In particular, Bossier City Animal Control.

In just 2 days, more than 60 dogs had been surrendered to Bossier Animal Control; 19 of which were puppies along with 2 mother dogs.

Thankfully, Key to Happiness Rescue out of Texas agreed to take on the massive task of pulling all 19 puppies and the 2 mothers safely out of the shelter.

But, a rescue can't pull pets without the help of foster parents.

The rescue is pleading for help with fostering the puppies. The adult dogs are currently staying at Lumberjack Rescue.

Realizing it's difficult to ask so much of our viewers and not doing anything myself, I applied to foster.

This is a first for me and it's only for 4 weeks, but I'm hoping to bring awareness to the fostering side of animal rescues. In doing so, I'll be sharing my experience with our viewers in the ArkLaTex and I encourage those who are also foster pet parents to share their tips, tricks and fun with me as well.

First on my agenda was to name the sweet chocolate runt. I narrowed down the names to "Digi" or "Webber" and asked for viewers to vote on the final name. Ultimately, the ArkLaTex chose Webber for my little guy.

Over the next month, I'll be giving #KSLAPupdates on the puppy's progress and want to share this experience with our viewers.

Those interested in fostering one of the puppies can email Key to Happiness Rescue at kthrfosters@gmail.com.

Those who are not able to foster are encouraged to donate to any local rescue. No donation is too small. Most rescues are in need of basic items such as towels, blankets, cleaning supplies, pet toys, treats and pet food.

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