Family claims unlicensed contractor destroyed their home

Family claims unlicensed contractor destroyed their home
Dennis Ray Davis, Jr., 31 (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)
Dennis Ray Davis, Jr., 31 (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport family says they are the latest to fall victim to an unlicensed contractor who has been dodging state officials in Baton Rouge for years.

"The person came in and demolished his property," Amy Dinsmore explains.

She says her step-father hired Ranchland Construction, giving the contract his last $2,900 in FEMA money, to haul off his mobile home which had taken on water during the March floods. But Dinsmore says the contractor, Dennis Ray Davis, never hauled the trailer away.

"He ruined his property, the electric system his plumbing and sewer and left the place a complete mess," adds Dinsmore.

According to the state licensing board, contractor Dennis Ray Davis hasn't responded to their repeated requests to attend hearings to explain why he continues to offer certain contractor services without a license. Two years ago, we visited with the director of the licensing board and shared with them that we had discovered Davis had been operating under multiple company names - Affordable Construction, Affordable Concrete, Affordable Fence and United Fence.  And now, according to Jack Hutchison, he's going by Ranchland Construction.

"I said 'wait a minute, wait a minute,'" Hutchison recalls, when he says Davis arrived unannounced with his trackhoe and began destroying his trailer, with many of his belongings still inside.

"And he said, 'Get back. I know what I'm doing. I've been doing this for 20 years'", adds Hutchison who says all of his remaining clothes, appliances, tools and furniture was still inside his mobile home.

Hutchison also says Davis became verbally abusive and began calling him "crazy."

"He was cussing him," says Dinsmore. "He was saying ugly and derogatory things to him, telling him he was mentally disturbed and crazy."

Dinsmore says Davis later sent similar insulting text messages to them.

Hutchison's claims are very similar to accusations made by many other local homeowners as we investigated in previous reports.

KSLA News 12 has learned while the state licensing board continues to reach Davis, the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office arrested Davis in March on two counts of theft of assets from an elderly person.  According to a CPSO news release, Davis was paid a combined $3,300 to build a fence, but never began the work.

Dinsmore says it made her angry to find out Davis was still offering contractor services while facing theft charges related to his construction work.

"Despair and disbelief that someone like him can keep doing this and doing this and keep getting away with it."

Anyone who feels they have fallen victim to Dennis Ray Davis is urged to call their local authorities.

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