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Landers Athlete of the Week: Deuce Caston - May 25th

School's out and it's time to find a summer job.

"I told myself I didn't really want to work at a fast food restaurant because you never know how the hours are there," said Deuce Caston.

Caston, the former Byrd quarterback, decided to call an audible and start his own business as a summer job.

"I started my own car washing business," said Caston.

"My Aunt Tankey helped me get the word out through social media and it just spread from there,” he said.

Deuce's day starts as early as 7 a.m.

He washes 12 to 15 cars per week and has 30 to 40 clients total.

"My Dad always made sure I could always do everything that a man is supposed to do around the house and so he'd always call me outside Saturday morning to wash his car,” said Caston.

“He told me if I ride in it I have to wash it,” he said smiling.

While washing and drying cars, Caston is meticulous and regimented like you would expect from a 4.0 student.

Like you would expect from a star quarterback.

“He’s been a pleasure to be around, as a coach, he’s a fun-loving guy, he jokes around and has a good time,” said Mike Suggs, Caston’s head football coach at Byrd.

“He's a good student, a student of the game and tries to learn and it’s just been a pleasure working with him,” said Suggs.

On a football field Deuce dazzles.

“Growing up, my parents just instilled a desire to be the best at everything I do,” said Caston.

When not polishing cars, Deuce is polishing his game, preparing for his freshman year of college.

“I enjoy my job because I can kind of make my own schedule,” said Caston.

“Once I get done washing cars I can get my workouts in,” he said.

Deuce signed to play quarterback at Arkansas Monticello.

Not your prototypical quarterback, Deuce stands just 5’7.

“Well actually when I was younger, I was the biggest kid actually,” said Caston.

“It was just 7th grade year, 8th grade year I just stopped the growing,” he said smiling.

His personality has never stopped growing and there’s no statistic to measure heart.

Deuce went (14-3) as quarterback at Byrd high school.

Evangel junior wide receiver Johnathan Jones vouches for what Deuce can do despite his size.

"It's unreal, to be honest,” said Jones.

“You'll see him stand on the 50 and throw it 60. He's real good," he said.

Well-rounded, on and off the field, Deuce started washing cars to help pay for his young life trip.

Young life is a Christian ministry for middle school aged kids up through college.

“Once I achieved my goal to pay for my Young life trip to Georgia, I decided to just keep washing cars,” said Caston.

As for whether or not Deuce has business aspirations for college and beyond?

"Honestly this is just for this year, right now, something to do, make money now,” said Caston.

“I want to be a physical therapist," he said.

Deuce leaves for Arkansas-Monticello on July 5th.

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