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Weather Wonders: Tornado vs straight-line winds

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Severe thunderstorms producing tornadoes and damaging straight-line wind moved through portions of East Texas on Monday night.

When the damage resulting from each seemingly is comparable, many have questioned how to tell the difference between the two.

In actuality, the way debris is laid after the passage of a storm is really the biggest indicator of what has moved through.

A tornado will leave a path of debris that lies at angles. Wind flows into a tornado. 

On the other hand, straight-line winds leave a path of debris in, you guessed it, a straight line, as wind blows outward from a thunderstorm. 

Interestingly enough, straight-line wind damage could be just as dangerous and devastating as a tornado.

For instance, an EF-1 tornado moved through an area just north of DeKalb, Texas, on Monday night. It had estimated wind speeds that clocked in at 85 mph to 95 mph.

Just to the east in Hooks, Texas, the National Weather Service confirmed damage to a neighborhood was caused by straight-line wind speeds that also were estimated at 85 mph to 95 mph.

Damage left by the two was comparable. But, ultimately, the way the debris laid was what determined what had moved through these towns. 

This is a good lesson, that it is always wise to take storm precautions and severe storm warnings seriously. 

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