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Weather Wonders: River cresting

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After heavy rain and subsequent flash flooding from storms last week, area lakes, rivers and bayous are once again seeing flood stage. 

The Red River at Shreveport is projected to crest at more than 32 feet on Wednesday. This will mark the second highest crest since the river hit major flood stage back in early June of 2015. This is the fifth time in less than a year the Red River at Shreveport has reached flood stage. 

So how, do we know when a body of water has reached its crest? Flooding is a slow process, unlike flash flooding which occurs as rapid rise in water levels after a heavy rain in a short period of time.

When it comes to flooding of lakes, rivers and bayous, the process takes time for surface runoff and underground infiltration to make its way into these larger bodies of water.

A crest occurs when there is no longer a noted rise and water levels become steady. Crests may fluctuate for a few hours depending on the current and changes in wind speed. After, reaching its crest, the decline to a lake, river or bayou, is usually a slow process. Which, is why flooding may last for a few more days after the crest has occurred. 

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