Community gives Shreveport girl her dream of riding a bike

Community gives Shreveport girl her dream of riding a bike
Keira Foy
Keira Foy
A Shreveport community comes together to help a 10-year-old girl who doesn't let anything keep her down finally live her dream of riding a bike with her friends and family.
Being born 23 weeks early, Keira Foy was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, meaning she's missing the right part of her cerebellum and part of her brain stem, affecting her mobility.
At first, she couldn't ride a bike without her parents pushing her. Now, thanks to generous donations, that is a thing of the past since we first told you about her story back in March.
The community has since stepped up with the nonprofit Independence Regained, which aims to aid the mobility of those with traumatic injuries.
"I've gotten numerous phone calls from people saying that they wanted to donate," said Independence Regained Founder Scott Wells.
Wells reports Independence Regained took the donations, including $1,200 given by Keira's big sister's alma mater, Southern Arkansas University, and got her a new adaptive bicycle.
"A three-wheeled bike instead of the two, which will take care of the balance issues. It sits a little lower to the ground as well," Wells explained,
On Saturday, Keira thought she was just there to watch Wells race.
"Doing good! Today's the bike race or whatever you call it," Keira said.
But what she got was the bike she always needed.
"Are you kidding me?!"  Keira said with glee as she hopped on the bike.
"Help her get out there and enjoy her dreams of getting out there and riding with her friends just like any other kid," said Wells.
It took Keira no time at all to bike like the best of them.
"This is awesome!" she said.
For her parents, they said it's like seeing her take her first step.
"We saw her ride on her own for the first time today and that was amazing," said Keira's mother, Patsy Foy.
Keira said she would love to stay and interview but she has new places to go. "If my friends are seeing this, tell them I said 'Hi!,'" she said.
Anyone interested in helping Independence Regained continue their mission in the community can click here to donate.

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