Out-Reach/In-Reach Ministries


  1. PRISON MINISTRY Sharing the Word of God with those persons who are inmates at the correctional institutions in the State of Louisiana.
  2. NURSING HOME MINISTRY Ministers and sharing God’s Word with the residents of nursing homes in this city and the surrounding area.
  3. HOSPITAL MINISTRY Visiting persons who are confined to a hospital bed; sharing God’s Word and praying for those persons.
  4. TAPE MINISTRY Reaches out to share God’s Word by producing and distributing tapes of the church service.
  5. DOOR TO DOOR MINISTRY Involves going from door to door in designated neighborhoods, sharing God’s plan for salvation with families.
  6. BOY SCOUTS/GIRL SCOUTS AND EXPLORERS Involves teaching the children how to survive in the outdoors, self- esteem and leadership skills.
  7. YOUTH ORCHESTRA FOR CHRIST This is an opportunity for young people, to display their talents through instruments to the Glory of God.


  1. BOOK NOOK Involves purchasing spiritual material to enhance the life of the believer.
  2. DANCE MINISTRY Praize (adults), Joy & Praize (little girls), Judah (teenagers) Involves praising God through dance.
  3. HELPS MINISTRY Involves assisting the Bishop around the altar and ministering to those that respond to the invitation.
  4. HOSPITALITY MINISTRY Meet and greet the people with a smile that enter the sanctuary and make them feel welcome and comfortable.
  5. MAXIMUM MANHOOD MINISTRY Involves sharing the Word of God with men and young men to help bring them into an awareness of God’s will for their lives.
  6. NURSERY MINISTRY Involves providing a safe and loving environment for children ages O-3yrs. during service times.
  7. SONG PRAIZE Lift up the name of Jesus through song and help to bring the body of believers into the presence of the Lord. In order to help prepare their hearts to receive the Word of God.
  8. TUTORIAL PROGRAM To assist students and help give a better understanding of their schoolwork.