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How do I saturate myself with the Word?

First, make a quality decision to put the Word first in every area of your life. Next, set aside time each day for prayer and meditation in the Word. You may use books and tapes too, but don't allow them to take the place of your prayer and study time. And, of course be absolutely sure your materials line up with the Word.

Apply the Word to yourself personally and allow the Holy Spirit to make it a reality in your heart. Carefully ponder how you can put the Word to work changing situations in your everyday life. Then pray in the spirit allowing the Holy Spirit, who inspired that Word to reveal its meaning more fully to you. Meditating on the Word in that way will bring your spirit and your mind together and build your capacity for faith.

For a balanced prayer time use the guide above. By devoting five minutes to each step, you will spend one full hour in prayer!