Landers Athlete of the Week: Robert Williams- April 13

Landers Athlete of the Week: Robert Williams- April 13
AOW Robert Williams

VIVIAN, LA (KSLA) - It's easy to see why ESPN ranks North Caddo's Robert Williams as the best player in the state of Louisiana.

At 6'9, a wing span of 7'6 and the ability to handle and shoot the ball, he has it all.

Ricky Evans, Robert's former AAU coach, said, "The middle of his 10th grade year, he really started to explode and excel and everybody else starting to notice how good he was."

Basketball was always life for Robert.  But, after his parents' divorce when he was 14-years-old and his grandmother's death, it took on a different meaning.

Robert said, "My mom was always down, or whatever, I was like basketball has to be the ticket. That's what's going to make her smile."

Like a rocket, Robert took off.  He led the Rebels to three straight state semifinals, which ended in 3 straight losses.

This year's loss to Madison Prep was just too much for Robert to handle. He was one of a few players who took off their jerseys and left the court out of frustration before the game was over.

"My emotions came over me because I losing a chance to go to the championship my last year. It was a bad decision, I apologize for it."

North Caddo head coach, Ron Meikle, said, "I think emotionally he's really changed from his sophomore season when I first got here. He was definitely a follower and he was always a team player. All he cared about was winning the game."

Junior forward, Chris Thomas, said, "This year he started to become an leader and he knows how much the game means to him."

Robert says he's learned from that mistake and he's now taking things he's learned from all time greats like Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant to the next level.

He adds, his most important job ahead is to make Vivian and North Caddo proud.

"A lot of people were telling my mom, you need to send him to Loyola, you need to send him to Southwood, Byrd, Bossier, all that. My mom used to always tell people if he's as good as you all say he is, he's going to get seen no matter where."

Robert has signed with Texas A&M but his coaches say what we've seen so far is just the tip of the ice berg.

Evans said, "I think when Robert gets away from here and get around some people who will be more of challenge for him and more at his skill level that he will continue to grow and excel as a player."

"In my mind, I'm ready.  I feel like I'm ready for college. I need to gain a couple pounds but I'm ready.  Coach throw me in the game, I'm ready for it. I'm what you need."

As he accepted his Landers Athlete of the Week trophy, Robert said, "I just want to thank the whole Oil Cit and Vivian community. Tay Tay and Keyshawn, my boys. The whole girls and boys basketball team, they were there for me.  The whole teaching staff, Aunt Shay, Ricky Evans Yomika Evans they were there for me. My momma, my sister and all of them. Rest in peace to my grandmother."