Natchitoches Parish cows poisoned with antifreeze

Natchitoches Parish cows poisoned with antifreeze

GOLDONNA, LA (KSLA) - Kenneth Trichel believes someone is poisoning his cows, but bringing the cattle-killer to justice is proving to be difficult.

"This has been an ongoing problem," said Trichel, who owns around 100 cows on his farm that spans close to 600 acres in Goldonna, Louisiana.

"We've had some cattle get poisoned out here by ethylene glycol, which is antifreeze," he explained.

Trichel sent one of his five dead cows for necropsy to the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Baton Rouge, where it was confirmed that the animals were killed by antifreeze.

The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's office arrested Trichel's neighbor and first cousin, Talmadge Brown Jr, on December 23, 2015.

According to the arrest report, Brown Jr. admitted to poisoning one of Trichel's cows.

Brown posted bond shortly after his arrest on charges of aggravated animal cruelty. Since his arrest, 2 more cows have died and also tested positive for antifreeze.

Trichel believes Brown may be responsible for those deaths as well, although he has not faced any additional charges.

Kenneth Trichel estimates each cow he owns is worth between $1,500 and $2,500. Based on the dead cows he's found on his property, Trichel estimates he's down anywhere from $8,000 to $11,000.

"We bring cattle in, we sell cows, we buy cows, we make a living doing this," said Trichel. "The American farmer has a lot to deal with, the floods, the droughts but then you got somebody wanting to do this."

Trichel suspects the motive might be connected to a noise complaint he made against Talmadge for shooting Tannerite late at night and disturbing his neighbors.

NPSO Detective Tim Key would not comment on the case, citing an ongoing investigation.

However, Trichel says investigators have yet to come back out to the property to investigate the new livestock deaths.

"They just tell me that I have to show proof of somebody actually feeding a cow, some kind of feed, soaked in antifreeze," said Trichel.

To date, Trichel says 5 cows have died and 1 is currently missing. He has filed a civil suit against Talmadge Brown Jr. in a battle that's hitting too close to home.

Trichel says he called PETA in Norfolk, Virginia asking for their help in the investigation.

As of now, a court date has not been set for Talmadge Brown, Jr.

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